Arena of Valor - [MOD, Unlimited coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] for Android

Download Arena of Valor [MOD, Unlimited coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] for Android
Votes: 3900
Name: Arena of Valor APK
Latest Version: 0.1.1
OS: Android ver. 8+
Downloads: 560000
Developer: Level Infinite

Arena of Valor - magnificent game in the category - Action Games. Different representatives of this category display themselves as thoughtful games with sequential plot. Nevertheless, you will get a considerable amount of bliss from the varied graphics, calm melodies, and speed of events in the game. Thanks to the excellent management, both older individuals and teens can play the app. Due to the fact that the majority of representatives of this category are designed for all sorts of age audience.

What do we get collectively with the installation of this particular file? Major thing is beautiful graphics that will not serve as an irritant or allergen to the eyes and add a special touch to the game. Also, it's worth paying attention to the melodies and game compositions that stand out for their originality and fully emphasize everything that happens in the game. Last, simple and understandable controls. You don't need to ponder finding the right actions or searching for control buttons - everything is extremely straightforward and intuitively placed on the screen.

Don't let the genre of this games worry you with its difficulty. This genre of apps was created for memorable pastime, to take a break from your obligations, and for simple entertainment. Don't expect anything significant. Before us, we have a common example of this genre, so without hesitation, immerse yourself in the world of excitement and adventures.

System Requirements:

Take a look at this section, as failure to meet these requirements may cause issues with launching the application. First and foremost, verify the version of the operating system installed on your device. Second - the amount of free space, as the application will ask for resources for its installation.

Operating System: Android 8+
Size: 593MB


This section provides game statistics, telling how cool the game is, the number of installations, and the current available version on the portal. Essentially, the number of installations from our platform will show of how many players have downloaded Arena of Valor for the Android system. And whether you should install this particular application if you desire to consider its popularity. As for the version information, it will help you compare your version with the suggested one of the game.

Installations: 560000
Version: 0.1.1


This section - social data, offers you data about the game's rating among players of our platform. The average rating is generated through mathematical calculations. And the count of votes will show you the activity of players in rating the game. Also, you will be able to vote in the voting yourself and change the final results.

Average rating: 3.2
Number of votes: 3900

Mod Description: Arena of Valor - [MOD, Unlimited coins]

This provided type of modification represents an enhanced version, where you will have access to a considerable amount of money and other advantages, such as useful upgrades and necessary unlocks. With this modification, you won't need to exert considerable effort to progress in the game, and additional purchases may also be possible.

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Download Arena of Valor [MOD, Unlimited coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] for AndroidDownload Arena of Valor [MOD, Unlimited coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] for AndroidDownload Arena of Valor [MOD, Unlimited coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] for AndroidDownload Arena of Valor [MOD, Unlimited coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] for Android

How to Install the Arena of Valor - [MOD, Unlimited coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] from Our Website. What Steps Are Required?

Installing APK files on Android devices can vary depending on your device's security settings and the source of the file. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Allow Installation from Unknown Sources

Before installing an APK file, make sure your device allows the installation of apps from unknown sources:

1. Open "Settings" on your Android device.

2. Scroll down and select "Security" or "Security and Screen Lock".

3. Find the "Unknown sources" option and enable it. You may receive a warning about potential risks when enabling this option, but it is necessary to install APK files from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Download the APK File Arena of Valor

Now, download the APK file you want to install on your device. You can do this in the following ways:

1. If the file is on a website, simply open it in the Android browser and click the link to download the APK.

2. If the file is on a computer, transfer it to your device using a USB cable or send the file to yourself via email and open it on Android.

Step 3: Install the APK File

1. Open the "My Files" app or any other file manager you have installed on your device.

2. Locate the downloaded APK file and tap on it.

3. Your device will prompt you to confirm the installation. Click "Install."

Step 4: Complete the Installation

After the installation is complete, you will see a message confirming the successful installation. You can now open the app from your app menu or home screen and start using it.

Remember that installing apps from unknown sources can pose a security risk to your device, so only install APK files from sources you trust and know their origin. Be cautious and avoid downloading APK files from suspicious sources.

The advantages of Arena of Valor - [MOD, Unlimited coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] for Android

1. Unlimited Resources: Money MODs often provide players with unlimited in-game currency, allowing them to purchase items, upgrades, and unlock features without any constraints.

2. Enhanced Gameplay: With unlimited money, players can experiment more freely, try out different strategies, and enjoy the game without worrying about running out of resources.

3. Faster Progression: MOD Menu can speed up the game's progression by removing the need to grind for resources or complete repetitive tasks to earn money.

4. Access to Premium Content: In many games, premium content or features are locked behind a paywall. Money MODs grant access to such content without the need for real-world payments.

5. Reduced Frustration: Money MODs can make the game less frustrating by eliminating the need to make microtransactions or spend excessive time on resource gathering.

6. Customization: Players can customize their characters, vehicles, or in-game properties more extensively with the abundant resources provided by Arena of Valor - MOD Menu.

amiran94144 13 October 2023 00:47
The game is very good, characters are not difficult to get, the question of course in the skins, but even in their receipt is a matter of time, even I as a newcomer to the genre was not difficult to get involved in gameplay. The only thing that confuses is the issue of updates and whether the game will not be abandoned, because in other games updates almost every month and a half, and here I look at the reviews updates oooooo very rare, I would not want to give up, because the game is worthwhile, good. 5 for the game
amatore 14 October 2023 23:46
The game is great. But the floating joystick is not convenient. Played for superman, and when charging the passivka from the joystick is not where I get because you need to aim with the joystick movement, more characters twitchy with this joystick. Please make please fixed position joystick movement in the settings, that would not be comfortable who could switch, many players come from other mob such as Mlbb and they will not be comfortable. And also not always with the first time is pressed skill, I have to poke four times.
alh2116501 15 October 2023 02:13
The game is great, the graphics is just super, but there are minuses, which can be listed: ping skachit on 300-400, and on 4g 80-120. Second, unavailable high frame rates. Sometimes you want the game was smooth, but play 30 fps slightly uncomfortable. I hope in the dalneye update add high frame rates and fix ping jump ping.
ballaj4884 15 October 2023 04:12
Hello, the game is very good, the graphics are great, the characters are many, no complaints, but there is one but, why in this game I have a limiter of 30 frames? And there is no button to put 60, the phone is normal should pull in 60, even tried to lower the settings, did not help, tell me what the problem is.
alonavezis 15 October 2023 17:10
In short, after updating the game hangs on joining the battle just all loaded and I stand in place and reconnect a hundred times in the end deleted the game because of this fell reliability, which is long replenishes the meaning of so do developers you resonance from this is not my advice do tech update and not during the game is infuriating
arkadi-2087 19 October 2023 10:06
The game is not bad, decided to return, but I leave because of the removal of the Russian language, until the Russian language will not be added again, I will not return more, you just spit on the players who play from Russia, Belarus, etc., ie those who speak Russian, how to understand what gives an item, character abilities if there in English, perhaps there are those who have a good command of English, but there are not very many. Player who does not know languages other than Russian, it will be very difficult to understand the game.
alin20 28 October 2023 00:20
The game is quite good and definitely stands above MLBB. Good optimization, no problems with servers and the graphics are pleasing to the eye. But in terms of balance of some characters is very controversial: I play as Fennik. The character is very balanced and definitely not imbovy (his attacks, although he is a shooter, do not feel), but when fighting with the same Valhain you will not have a chance. You can see the lack of attack range, and what to talk about it if some warriors attack further than him. Please increase the attack range
alir-anton 29 October 2023 11:53
You have a terrible system for checking complaints. It works normally only when you are away and in extremely rare cases for swearing and bullying. But when you complain for not playing on your line because half of the team kills forest monsters instead of minions and the forester is left with nothing, or when a person takes a completely different hero in the last seconds of the countdown, because of which his line is usually the first to fall, it is looked at without a second glance, even though it is much worse. The list goes on for a long time.
azina82538 1 November 2023 08:54
Three. Explain why. 1-After reaching 8-9 levels you begin to throw to players on the level of equal to cybersportsmen-you can not do anything to them, just by k / d together with the team fly to the respawns even with all the bafami monsters. 2-Frequent loss of connection in battle (1-2 battles normally, and then ping 250+ at the same speed of the Internet, as a result of which - hard hangs).And this is only 2 of several major problems that I noticed.
aluminieva367 1 November 2023 13:24
In general, the game is not bad, the visual component is not very certainly but you can play, I noticed that the game opens several windows for each tab within the game, sometimes does not work by clicking to buy a hero or start a match, the rollback of abilities in the game is very small is not good
b3cca1604886 8 November 2023 14:50
Suddenly in the middle of the game loses connection, ping is displayed 200, although there is generally a complete loss of control, after the end of the game ping again suddenly normal. And in other games this is not there and close, that is the problem is definitely not with my Internet. And as if not fixed in this game such months. Dead game it is dead, there is nothing to do.
alkusuom424 10 November 2023 08:19
Three. Explain why. 1-After reaching 8-9 levels you begin to throw to players on the level of equal to cybersportsmen-you can not do anything to them, just by k / d together with the team fly to the respawns even with all the bafami monsters. 2-Frequent loss of connection in battle (1-2 battles normally, and then ping 250+ at the same speed of the Internet, as a result of which - hard hangs).And this is only 2 of several major problems that I noticed.
anka-lopes 12 November 2023 01:57
Hello, with the responsiveness of the touch buttons on the hero abilities and other, very sad, once or every time not squeeze the hero abilities and other mile-second presses, the matter is not ping, which is less than 40-100 ms, and not in the sensor, in MLBB such is not seen with poor responsiveness of hero abilities.
alionkavvv955 15 November 2023 14:16
I played the game in the summer, a lot of things achieved, there were a lot of images on the champions, then deleted the game did not play, now installed, went in, everything is gone except for the level profile, another very important minus - in Troy is quite realistic to go to the enemy tower and take the enemy champion, so can do and they can do, I think it is not interesting, in other similar games towers are very painful to hit the champions, but here is weak....
andrytas9902 18 November 2023 04:21
In principle, if you compare with other games of this genre, it is a head above, but there is one but, character models do not correctly rotate, that is, when turning or turning, the figure begins to falter, twitch, it would not be bad to fix it, also for normal play need 4G, with H + writes that the connection is not stable, so it would not be bad and fix it
armstro653137 21 November 2023 06:09
The game itself is normal there are certainly little things on the graphics and in the management, but it is tolerable. The most important minus because of which I have to delete the game is the lack of Russian language! Without the Russian language is very difficult to play, because you do not understand what does any of the magic, what gives the purchased item, etc.... I hope the Russian language will return and you can play this game again
anasha35237 24 November 2023 03:47
The game is interesting variety of heroes, so far perhaps the pluses are over, sorry guys, I realize that the presence or absence of players on the server is not from the developers dependent factor, but you can really play three or four katki and be the only live player, all the rest of the bots, plus incomprehensible failures in the game, like how and wi-fi good signal, and FPS does not sag, and everything is good, but at certain times there is a suspension or loss of connection with the server. So we are waiting for improvements)))
annakirh 7 December 2023 05:01
The game is interesting and the idea is good, but the game is crooked. Abilities work crookedly and not as described. The imbalance of heroes is very terrible. You can not dodge projectiles (after a spurt projectile in a long-range attack changes trajectory and flies behind the hero. Support in the game itself does not respond. The assessment is so because of the curvature of mechanics and tech support.
andywolfo 21 December 2023 20:36
In short, the game is top.Loads quickly, does not lag, beautiful animation. As a poz that since the release of Mobile Legends plays say that this is even an order of magnitude higher. Star removed due to the fact that the game is already 13 season will soon end respectively tops and past plushki not see.For pre-registration in play maraket plushki as well did not give. Deleted.
andrej703423 14 January 2024 05:43
Downloaded recently, very zatenulala game, prorobotanye characters, interesting mechanics such as links between the characters, but in a recent update disappeared Russian language from the word completely, it became not convenient to oreentiruyutsya so still and had to download all the additional files again.
anynya09 1 March 2024 16:24
The trust account system is awesome. Someone after the match rolls a complaint against you without grounds and you get -10 to the loss of rating. Well, not vyfarmil three shooters in the forest shmota to nag everyone, on sappartu -10, he is guilty, did not fight off two on the line, died once. And a day can only restore 5 points, the best game in the world.
alexf15q 17 March 2024 09:55
I noticed this thing: the more damage from the skill the longer it is prepared and no one cares that you have no time to hit the enemy, but meanwhile the killer is a lot of jerks makes in them generally impossible to hit all the skills in less than a second are used by them and most importantly while the magician trying to use at least one skill killer will do 2-3 times more damage to the usual attack. Do you realize that if a character has a lot of jerks, it is very quickly unfarmed?
anechka159 30 March 2024 00:25
Periodically throws out of the game during the loading of the match after selecting a hero, it is very frustrating, especially if it is a ranked match, provided that it takes quite a long time to restart the game. I lose 10 points because of complaints about me. Please stabilize the game.
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