Flat Zombies: Defense&Cleanup - [MOD, Unlimited money/coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] for Android

Download Flat Zombies: Defense&Cleanup [MOD, Unlimited money/coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] for Android
Votes: 4300
Name: Flat Zombies: Defense&Cleanup APK
Latest Version: 2.9.5
OS: Android ver. 8+
Downloads: 530000
Developer: PaVolDev

Flat Zombies: Defense&Cleanup - excellent game in the category - Action Games. Different applications of this genre show themselves as rational games with sequential plot. At least, you will obtain a great amount of happiness from the restrained graphics, diverse melodies, and pace of events in the game. Thanks to the excellent management, both older individuals and children can enjoy the game. Because the majority of available examples of this genre are designed for different age group.

What do we obtain together with the installation of this considered apk? Primary thing is bright graphics that will not act as an irritant or allergen to the eyes and add a special touch to the game. Later, it's worth paying attention to the melodies and game compositions that stand out for their originality and fully emphasize everything that happens in the game. In conclusion, simple and practical controls. You don't need to rack your brains over finding the right actions or searching for control buttons - everything is simply straightforward and easily placed on the screen.

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System Requirements:

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Operating System: Android 8+
Size: 461MB


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Installations: 530000
Version: 2.9.5


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Average rating: 3.5
Number of votes: 4300

Mod Description: Flat Zombies: Defense&Cleanup - [MOD, Unlimited money/coins]

This uploaded type of modification represents an unlocked version, where you will have access to a large amount of in-game currency and other advantages, such as useful upgrades and necessary unlocks. With this modification, you won't need to exert great effort to progress in the game, and additional purchases may also be unlocked.

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Download Flat Zombies: Defense&Cleanup [MOD, Unlimited money/coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] for AndroidDownload Flat Zombies: Defense&Cleanup [MOD, Unlimited money/coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] for AndroidDownload Flat Zombies: Defense&Cleanup [MOD, Unlimited money/coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] for AndroidDownload Flat Zombies: Defense&Cleanup [MOD, Unlimited money/coins] + Hack [MOD, Menu] for Android

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alex-naym 12 October 2023 12:47
The best game of its kind, advertising is little, even with wifi can not be turned off, on any device goes zbs, stable 50 FPS, the main thing more updates and that the game is not abandoned, there is an idea to improve gameplay, 1) maybe add more money earned in the mode sweeping apartments?, 2) go change the characteristics of the character, strength (with how many blows kill zombies with cold weapons, how many can take weapons for example), endurance (faster to move, health,) well, etc. 3) would not mind if you can customize the character, also the very clothes, body armor, helmet there, all sorts of accessories (night vision for night raids) 4) more types of zombies 5) new modes of any 6) disable music and sounds in the settings!!!!. I just want to kill crowds of zombies under the music, and the sounds of weapons and zombie screams frankly interfere, thanks for reading, and the developer works in a group or alone?
aleny320 15 October 2023 08:53
Overall, I enjoyed the game. Each mode is well done, but the game has a disadvantage in my opinion, namely the single-player game. This game is a little lacking in multiplayer for some modes, such as: apartment cleanup, and defense. For these modes multiplayer will definitely go, and the number of players on one multiplayer room is about 2-4 players, and to balance the gameplay of these modes, it is worth increasing the number of zombies.
arman2099 15 October 2023 09:41
The game is just great, but there are problems such as content in the game, that is, weapons are too few and it is monotonous, you can not equip armor on the character, there are no traps, in general quite raw game, from the proposals I can advise the developers to make a group where everyone can offer to add something to the game
andubratoc 15 October 2023 12:49
Meat) Fun time-killer for those who like to crush dumb (well, not really) zombarians. Bugs in the latest patch I did not notice, what can I say, the razrabi tried their best! A lot of different modes are still there, but they are, to me, monotonous. However, this is rather not a disadvantage, but a feature of gameplay or something.
ariva-13961 15 October 2023 17:07
The game is not bad, but the zombies just unkillable.It feels like the walkers have the properties of armor plates because that the entire body of zombies just unkillable.Shot in the leg it did not come off and the zombie did not fall (by the look of it as if just a scratch), hands work as a tank defense because even with the strongest weapon you stupidly does not penetrate it, the head from the shots becomes black and he does not care (as if he ran straight from the 9 Afterburner with a tincture of Dominic).All other modes are unrealistic to pass.
apextech500 16 October 2023 05:22
Hello. the application is good, but for some reason only one of all levels works, and it is the first one. the rest of the levels crash even with reduced settings, although in general the game works stably without it, so I refer to the errors of the application, if it is the problem, I will wait for a fix.
alexambler494 17 October 2023 13:22
Hello! The game: just a PUSH, I like it very much. Can you tell me why updates come out so rarely? And another question, is there somewhere I can suggest you ideas? I have a couple of ideas that can fit very well into the game, and here is one of them: please make it so that if you shoot very many times with a shotgun into the body armor of a zombie cop (or military) to the point that the body armor will break more and more as you shoot at it, and then you can do damage to it.
asjuliya78 20 October 2023 15:23
The game is the best in this genre ! Download will not regret!!! Minuses did not find... I was not paid for this comment ! The game is really the best I played a long time ago now decided to install and... The game lusted. Added a lot of weapons and modes. More often I play in the "park" and pass on the bridge. Graphics is nice, weapons enough and updates come out quite often. All fans of zombie shooters will go.
automakers212 26 October 2023 11:38
The game is just top!!! 1.pulls and not on the most good phones 2.variety in weapons(but short-range only 2(+leg))(grenade launchers in rifles ) 3.really exciting 4.on the walls there are inscriptions)))) Developers / a huge thank you!)))) Suggestion - mercenaries in different modes (people and buying weapons for them, animals, etc.) players, opponents with weapons (ie online) and so all super))))
artmegik 29 October 2023 02:37
The game is cool, but I want to zombies do not hit only hands but also legs, because then for them legs why, well and you can add a zombie boss, and add a stun gun, and add a knife, bat, and a new location, about the boss, very cool and add the effect of the stun gun, when you shoot a zombie then let him stand and twitch and then die, and there will be 3 bullets, and remove the bug, when I shoot a zombie sniper, the zombie sometimes snails somewhere there, very strange, thank you for the game.
avtomat24 29 October 2023 03:57
Dear developers, this is a very good game, really, I really got into it, but why 4 stars? Explanation 1) why are infected so survivable? Well aboymu with emka in the head of them vsodil, and they do not die, yes, this is also a good idea, complicates the task 2) please add a costomization of the character, like you can change and take clothes from all models of soldiers. Well and 3) add that the sounds of weapons from different barrels looked different. It will be quite interesting and cool, the game is really good and I recommend it to everyone
andrew-chi894 30 October 2023 07:53
Hello I play from time to time in your game I would like to add tracers from bullets to be understood the spread of bullets if on automatic ltsu shakes not badly, the spread of shotguns in general is not clear sometimes vanshoot at a not bad distance and sometimes at point-blank range did not kill here and think that there with the spread
barylskyy816 31 October 2023 05:22
The game is cool, but make a safety margin for the zombie armor. It would seem that by dropping a magazine into the vest, the plate should turn to dust, but no, as much as you want, so much and shoot at it. Not realistic. Especially annoying when you with a machine gun are pressed against the wall and it would seem that everything is normal, you can break through, but no. Armored zombies ruin everything. And yes, how many rounds in the magazine of the machine gun? It feels like 500.
annmagic43 1 November 2023 03:09
The game is very cool but there is a flaw in the new mode where there is a flashlight in the dark if you shoot an incendiary cartridge fire invisible, that is, it is stupidly black like the entire background
areol 1 November 2023 16:50
The game is very interesting and exciting, but little realism 1. You can more weapons and zombies 2. You can make the background from childish to more gloomy for example bloody house, cemetery, etc. 3 complicate survival, that is, to make the personab kushal drank naturally is not so easy. Add the ability to play with a friend or just with a bot
bankirul 2 November 2023 02:20
The game is cool. Especially if you need to kill time. I have a couple of pretty interesting suggestions. 1. Add a skill tree. For example, stomp on the head of a lying zombie to make a jerk through the crowd (a character runs through the crowd and pushes it) Well, there can be a lot of things to think of. 2. This is already written and it is trivial but I would like to ask to add hammers shrapnel flash and with acid smoke. More if it is not difficult, you can add more optimization but not rbyazazano! Weak phone )
alkr2326 6 November 2023 16:51
The game is good all around. I would like to see more melee weapons (knives, machetes, bats) also it would be cool to see a night mode, so you can press a button and choose any of the modes that are now available and play it in the dark where you have to navigate with a flashlight. I would also like to see survival with a more or less open world where you need to look for weapons and supplies to survive and where you can build shelters (clean up, capture and barricade apartments, houses or entire neighborhoods).
angels86 10 November 2023 07:14
Dear developers, the game is super, great time killer. I really like to chop zombies to pieces, but lately me and my hatchet is not enough violence. I want more dismemberment, more blood and meat. And so in general the game is good, I advise you to play it
bagaletol500 10 November 2023 09:27
Developers hello, the game is about zombies but not enough people ie bandits or other survivors in the form of enemies or special forces as an ally, I hope for further improvement of your game, and yes wanted to remind you that in the mode "apartment" you do not have time to remember how you fly out a crowd of zombies and slaughtered in the door, please make the balance of this mode a little better. Thank you for your attention!
allapin-47 10 November 2023 10:45
(2 point useful) 1 fucking casuals do not whine that the game is like complicated and zombies are too alive in this and the whole charm you say that before it was better but no simpler does not mean better if you are not able to play such games, then go to c**tty Minecraft there is all simple 2 The game is divine just the best that I have seen on mobile . But dear developers lacks only multiplayer and then the game will be better than many computer games because there is nothing more fun than to kill with a friend crowds of zobaks .
alise-maus807 10 November 2023 14:57
Well, what to say.... game is the best, perfect (but the optimization with a large number of zombies promises to want to better
andreev-83 11 November 2023 02:46
The game is great, but there are some questions, for example: why the very first sniper rifle (single-shot, with a longitudinal-sliding bolt, Barrett I think), from armored zombies when hitting the vest tears out huge chunks of meat, and kills them with one shot, and unarmored only drops? Illogical at the very least. Otherwise, the game is top, the author well done.
arman69642 11 November 2023 08:56
Not bad. I give it a 5, but the game still has room to grow. The monotony is annoying: you need more freedom, it would be good to add a mode "freeplay" namely, wander around the city, climb houses, apartments, talk to survivors, shoot with looters or run into a crowd of walkers .... I understand, it is quite difficult to realize, perhaps even have to write a separate game for this, but I think the idea is not bad.
artmar962 15 November 2023 01:58
There is a bug on the mode park limbs fly forward and back but it is not long they flew I shot a leg and a body and they fell and also why when I shot the zombie in the head with a berreta and the zombie did not die is not realistic because the bullet should have penetrated the brain
amina-194576 20 November 2023 15:18
The game is great, me and my friend started playing back in 2017. Since that time the game has changed a lot and would like to be able to change the character skins independently, new weapons would not hurt either. But the development of the game, is a very complex endeavor and there is no point in rushing the developers. Primnogo grateful for many hours of fun.
artakopov 24 November 2023 04:26
This game is very cool I like everything but you could add the ability to put a nickname in the start menu and multiplayer for modes how to use it - (create a server, choose a mode and someone from time to time connect or call your friends) and also could make this game on the pc just the game is cool and my friend has problems with the phone
amkamarul110 8 December 2023 02:22
Dear developers please respond.The game is good and with great physics, but it quickly gets boring. I would like to see in this game bosses and mini-bosses, it would be cool to add whole levels (large on which you can walk, not a part as now) as well as it would be cool to add multiplayer with servers and that the players themselves could create maps. If you are reading this, I hope I was able to help you something.
anunya282 12 December 2023 20:57
I give it a 5 because: 1. The game thanks to the many modes is diverse. 2. The game is fun and funky. And 3. A lot of weapons.
alex-an75450 9 March 2024 20:01
The game for 30 minutes, the modes are the same, the weapons differ only in model, Karyaga machine gun is a very powerful weapon, but, even with him more than 20 waves can not pass on the floors, as a bunch of zombies fly at the speed of light in your direction, but as soon as you beat off the attack, comes another company of such running, even kicking a leg does not save. Special thanks to the developers for making zombie kills epic, you can break zombie legs and watch them suffer. The game could have been great, if not monotypicality
alewis51712 29 March 2024 23:31
I would like some system of pumping the character, or weapons, maybe some armor or something else, and that on 20+ floors is simply not possible to pass, immediately comes a wave of runners and no weapon will not stop, no ammunition, no power is not enough.
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